enVision 9.1 - Adding Value Series: Online Training

This savvy broker leveraged a “free” service into additional value for her client and the client’s training development program.

There are many different ways to bring additional value to your clients. Partnering with a carrier that offers additional services and helping your clients understand how these additional services can add value to their business can result in a powerful long-term partnership. A great example is how one broker leveraged Affiliated FM’s online training courses to enhance their client’s internal training curriculum.

This particular client is in the business of uniform rental and servicing. They have a national presence with hundreds of employees that perform tasks involving boiler operation, ignitable liquids and industrial dryers. Due to the skills that are required to perform these tasks in a safe environment, their employees are trained using a robust computer-based learning management system (LMS).

Their broker, savvy to the client’s training program, introduced two of Affiliated FM’s online training courses to the client: Handling Ignitable Liquids and Safe Boiler Operations. The client saw the applicability of the courses for its employees, and together they set a plan in motion to integrate the Affiliated FM training courses into their LMS.

Once implemented, more than 300 employees accessed more than 800 instances of the training material within months. This additional value to the client came with no additional cost other than the time it took to get the courses integrated with their systems.
Through your relationship with Affiliated FM, you and your clients have access to 15 different online training courses covering topics from natural disaster preparedness to maintaining fire protection sprinkler systems. In addition, there are specific courses for Health Care, Real Estate and Retail clients.

For clients with their own computer-based LMS, it is possible to integrate any of these 15 online training courses with their system. Additionally, the courses can be accessed from the Affiliated FM online training portal anywhere an internet connection is available.