Going the Distance

Discover how FM Global Cargo has your clients covered from ship to shore.

Fueled by the rapid rise of opportunities in emerging markets, an increasing number of middle-market companies around the world are extending their reach internationally. With this new potential for revenue and profit, the ability to protect goods and material from harm in transit is more crucial than ever.

Global Challenges
Numerous hazards confront importers, exporters, traders, transportation companies, freight forwarders and other organizations whose businesses depend on a reliable global reach.

Theft of cargo and equipment has become a problem for the transportation industry throughout the world, and the majority of cargo thefts are planned and organized. In fact, cargo-related crime is estimated to cost the U.S. economy more than US$12 billion annually in merchandise losses.

In addition, damage to cargo from shock, vibration or environmental extremes is another challenge your clients may face when transporting material or merchandise around the world.

Whether by land, sea or air, all means of transportation are subject to varying degrees of risk that call for different types of solutions. To safeguard your client’s property and business, it’s important to understand all cargo-related risks—and that’s where FM Global Cargo can help.

Cargo Experience
FM Global Cargo’s all-risk cargo form is your gateway to extensive coverage from a truly multinational company with the ability to tailor local applications around the world.

Our cargo specialists have decades of experience safeguarding everything from works of art to industrial turnkey plants. Their knowledge and expertise can help provide your clients with the right cargo coverage for export and import activity, as well as domestic and foreign inland transit.

We understand the issues that impact your clients’ businesses, including just-in-time delivery, supply chain complexities and business interruption exposures. To help you meet these challenges, we offer broad, flexible coverage that is easy to administer.

Cargo Coverage
FM Global Cargo’s all-risk cargo policy protects the full value of your client’s cargo and can be expanded to cover their goods against losses due to war, strikes and civil commotion. Coverage can also be customized with terms and conditions that suit your client’s specific transportation or protection needs—including exhibitions, product installation, sales samples, household goods and personal effects, storage at locations, marine business interruption and more.

Your clients can either purchase coverage on a stand-alone basis, or it can be coupled with their Affiliated FM proVision® policy to fill any potential coverage gaps.

We utilize an established global network of trusted consultants who are experienced in identifying and solving the wide range of shipping challenges your clients may face, including problems related to security, packaging, loading, stowage, routing or vessel/carrier quality. By following best practices in loss prevention for transit and storage, we provide a level of security awareness that can give your client’s business a competitive advantage.

Cargo Risk Engineering
While cargo insurance programs can cover physical loss, non-recoverable damages also can have a lasting negative impact on your clients’ businesses. Our risk engineering services provide your clients with expert advice and tailored loss prevention solutions designed to minimize their exposure and keep their supply chains flowing.

In the event your client does suffer a loss, our in-house cargo claims professionals work with you and your clients to ensure the loss is resolved swiftly and that their business gets back on track quickly. Our commitment to reducing loss is the engine that drives our cargo risk engineering services. We make these services available to your clients anywhere in the world.

To learn more about our cargo capabilities, contact David Lappe at david.lappe@fmglobal.com in the U.S.; or contact your Affiliated FM production underwriter.

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